The pipeline divisions body of work includes both water and wastewater pipeline infrastructure. These projects encompass multiple states with lines varying in size from small diameter 6” to large diameter 96” in material classes of PVC, Ductile Iron Pipe, FRP. Projects include steel cased bores, linear plate tunnels, microtunneling of varying diameters.

Work completed to date includes pipelines reaching 60’ in depth with tunneling up to 126” in diameter using various methods of tunneling crossing rivers, lakes, and railroad lines.

Several projects have included bypass pumping, dewatering and the excavation in different types of sites. These projects included complete road work restoration from densely populated urban areas and downtowns in historical areas of cities to vast rural areas installing miles of pipe at a time.

Our pipeline key personnel and crew have been working in the pipeline industry for over three decades. In 2013 they came together with an idea that turned into our pipeline division. We have grown and added new members to create a hardworking knowledgeable team.

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