Our Processing Plant Construction Team here at Spiess Construction Co., Inc. specializes in projects that move water and wastewater for both public and private infrastructure. This includes everything from lift stations to the installation of special processes for treating water and wastewater. Over the years we have built a body of work from water, wastewater, recycled water, and anything and everything in between.

The construction of sewer plants and wastewater infrastructure, combined with their management, is a growing and ever evolving industry. The need for better, safer, and environmentally sound practices is always changing. This means our work in this industry includes repairs to existing processing facilities, upgrades and replacement of equipment or new process installation. All for better and cleaner discharge water.

Most of these projects are high risk and require special attention to details and logistics, in order to keep the existing plants operational, while concurrently performing the work. This can be very challenging, but our team of professionals prides themselves in the ability to overcome any obstacle that presents itself. This has been proven by our very long list of successfully completed contracts with numerous owners and agencies since 1977.

or over forty years we have developed long term relationships with specialized industry subcontractors. Bringing home project after project on time and on budget. Not only is our Construction Team great as a free-standing project team, but the combining of the welded steel tank division with our construction team, is an advantage for our clients.
We have the equipment, operators, and skilled construction crew to add pump stations, interconnecting pipelines, site, and road work to our welded steel tank projects.

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