Spiess Construction Co., Inc. is dedicated to creating a culture focused on safety, not just relegating it to a defined system. We focus on producing a safe working environment for our personnel and ensuring that our projects are completed as safely as possible.

We have a Safety Manager dedicated to training and working together with Project Managers on every project. Our Safety Manager continuously works on the ongoing implementation of safety procedures and employee safety training. We are at the forefront of developing and refining training programs and ensuring adherence to the latest standards set by OSHA and other safety organizations. Through regular site inspections and direct collaboration with Project Managers, Supervisors, and Crew Members, we ensure the implementation of best practices in every aspect of our work.

Our safety philosophy extends beyond our team to influence every project we undertake. We prioritize not just the safety of our personnel but also the integrity and security of the environments we shape. At Spiess Construction Co., Inc., safety is not just a department or a set of rules; it is a responsibility shared by every member of our team and an integral part of our identity.

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