At Spiess Construction Co., Inc., we specialize in the construction and renovation of welded steel tanks. Secure water storage has never been more important. Water use, water storage, water conservation are always current talking points and more frequently than ever in the news. Our communities need to protect their drinking water; fire departments and hospitals need a stable and survivable water supply; water district/agencies need reliable storage systems that are cost effective.

Over the years we have focused our concentration in the tank industry to welded steel tanks. The following are a few of the main advantages of the welded steel tank.

  • Welded Steel Tanks are inherently more resistant to earthquake damage than other tank types of equivalent-capacity with the same dimensions.
  • Tank dimensions and capacities are customizable and can be adjusted to the needs of the agency.
  • Long term maintenance such as recoating the interior lining or adding life-extending cathodic protection or is easier than other types of the tanks.
  • A well-maintained Welded Steel Tanks lifespan is 75 to 100 years.

Seismic Modifications

Concrete ring wall foundations
Anchoring to prevent tank uplift
Structural bracing for tank stiffening
Under-tank piping relocation
Overflow pipe modifications
Bottom drain line modifications

Structural Mods and Repairs

Bottom, rafter, or roof replacement
New shell manways
Flush-type cleanouts
State of art mixing systems
Liquid level indicator installations
Flanged exhaust vents
Steel repairs, patches, and welds

Safety Modifications

Upgrade to current OSHA standards
Ladder and cage replacement
 Safety climb devices
Anti-climb covers
Roof hatch enclosures
Safety cable systems
Improved tank venting
Perimeter barrier systems

Tank Recoating

AWWA D-102 Standard tank recoating and repainting
Removal, disposal of lead paint and hazardous metals
Dehumidification systems to shorten cure time
Full containment systems when required
Washdown, disinfection, bacteria and VOC testing

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